Strength, please.

What’s up guys? It’s been two weeks since my last post; mostly because I want to post on weekends, and last weekend was my birthday weekend. This post is not about my birthday weekend, even though it was amazing and consisted of all of the things I love: my wife, my family, friends, building things, running, pizza, and, last but not least, cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes. And it was incredible cake. I want to be clear about that. INCREDIBLE.

Anyways, this past week wasn’t the best, training-wise. I only ran Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday. On Saturday, I had my first long run for my 50K training. I did ten miles at a park close to us. Luckily, it was early in the morning, and the weather in general that day was amazing, compared to the 90+ degree days we’ve been having. The run went well, though. I took walking breaks here and there, and I made sure to take two water bottles to stay hydrated. One thing that I’m having trouble with is my back. After running for a while, it gets really sore when I do any bending from the upright running position. This could be due to not stretching well before. I usually don’t do a lot of stretching before runs, if any. This is partially because I don’t know a lot of stretches for running, and partially because I couldn’t care less. So if any of you happen to have any suggestions on what would help me, let me know through the comments or on social media. That way I don’t have to pay for a chiropractor ๐Ÿ˜‰

This week, my focus is going to be on starting strength training. For some of you, hearing that term might bring to mind every meathead body builder you see at the gym or on the cover of health magazines. You know, the guys that look like they’ve lost all mobility in their arms. I’m not wanting to become that. What I want to do is gain more muscle to have more strength. More strength is going to help my running tremendously. In fact, there’s a lot of benefits to strength training, which you can read hereย at (I highly recommend this site!). The plan I’m going to follow is the 5×5 program. It’s a very simple program that consists of 5 key lifts that you perform with the barbell. Instead of boring you with the process, I’ll just let you see for yourself ย here. It’s only three days a week and roughly 30 minutes per workout, so it’ll be a good program to ease into.

One thing I’m having to get past is the fact that I get extremely self-conscious when it comes to trying new things at the gym. I have no problem going in and running on the treadmill or doing machines, because I know how to do those. However, the idea of trying something new like weight lifting and risking looking like an idiot in front of people has kept me away from trying strength training for a long time. My main goal this week is to kick that barrier to the curb. When you really think about it, it’s very trivial. Who cares what I look like? These people don’t know me, and I should only be focused on me and me alone.

So, that’s my plan for the week. Of course, I’ll also be running to counter the lifting. I’ll give an update on the next post and let you know how it’s going. As for YOU, is there something you want to try, but don’t have the courage to try it? If you’re like me, maybe you’ve researched the crap out of it, but haven’t gotten around to DOING it. Like my father-in-law told me with weight lifting: “You just have to do it.” Jump in. Right now, I can TELL you how to do the perfect low bar squat, but I couldn’t SHOW you. Hopefully, after a couple of weeks of training, I can! So, to recap: Research is great and necessary, but it means nothing if you don’t DO what you’re wanting to do. So, to put it simply, get out there and do it.

– Seth

2 thoughts on “Strength, please.

  1. Catching up on some reading!!
    So I have never been a distance runner, but working with the track team for years, I can tell you that stretching has always been a major component of their workouts. Before and after. They will do some calisthenics warm-up stretches before running, and then a good cool-down stretch after. SO important, Seth! Especially if you’re going to be doing long runs. Take care of yourself! Look up some videos for the calisthenics, and maybe look into some yoga stretches for runners, too. Hope that helps!!

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