Muuuuuch Better

*If you’re viewing this on your phone or tablet, excuse the mess. I’m still working on getting the site looking clean on the mobile version. Carry on.

Well, it’s the end of my discipline challenge. This past week definitely had it’s tough moments, especially in the food department. I battled Jeni’s Ice Cream, donuts, chocolate chip cookies, and other Heavenly treats. In the end, the Average Runner came out victorious! I had a couple meals that were more on the “cheat meal” side, but nothing crazy and over the top, and both were coupled with exercise to even it out. My goal for the week was to be disciplined and lose two pounds. At the final weigh in this morning (Sunday), the grand total was……..

3.4 Lbs!

It’s amazing what can happen when you stay disciplined for a consistent period of time. I didn’t even have to starve myself or eat broccoli (*gag noise*). I just kept track of the amount of calories I was taking in and making sure to do some sort of exercise to even those calories out, more or less. I just stuck with running for my exercise. Here’s what I did each day:

  • Monday – 4 miles at Long Hunter State Park
  • Tuesday – 3 miles on treadmill at gym
  • Wednesday – 4 miles at Long Hunter State Park
  • Thursday – 3 miles on treadmill at gym
  • Friday – off day (Date Night!)
  • Saturday – 6.3 miles run/hike at Percy Warner Park
  • Sunday – Walk with my wife

Of course, I’m in no way saying this is what you need to do to lose weight every week. It’s actually rare that I run almost every day of the week. Different people will do different exercises depending on their preferences and abilities. For some people, going on a 20 minute walk every evening might be all they can do, and that’s awesome! Every little bit helps and will make a difference. Also, you HAVE to make sure you’re focusing on the food and drinks you’re consuming. You can go to the gym for 2 hours every day, but if you’re eating nothing but crap, those 14 hours a week mean nothing.

This next week won’t be as strict as this last week was. We’re going out of town Thursday to visit family for my birthday this weekend (wooo!!), and our schedule will be out of whack. However, I’m still going to strive to be disciplined as much as I can, except for the cake I’m getting for my birthday. That’s just gonna happen.

As for you, find some sort of physical activity that you enjoy this week. It could be running, weight lifting, Zumba, Tae Bo (is that even a thing anymore?), ultimate frisbee, volleyball, basketball, etc. You name it. If it causes your heart rate to rise and makes you sweat, go for it! I’d love to here what you’ve been doing, so feel free to connect with me through the comments section below or through social media!

Let’s dominate this week!

PS – Big shout out to Will Martin of Billy Designs for the new logo! If you’re needing a logo or help with branding for your business, please check this guy out. He’s great at what he does and he’s also just an awesome dude. Check his stuff out on Instagram at @billydesigns.

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