To Be Honest….

This last week was NOT good. Just to put it plain and simple. I only ran two days and my eating was definitely not up to par. I feel like any week when there’s a holiday in the middle, it automatically throws my mindset off. What is it about those weeks that get us thinking, “Ok, well this week is Thanksgiving, so I really don’t have to be health-conscious on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday,” or “The Fourth of July is Tuesday, so it’s ok to eat whatever and not give a crap about training all week.”

One problem I have is staying motivated. Some weeks, I want to run every day and really go hard with watching calories. Then there’s weeks where I’m like, “Hmmm, I really need to run, BUT I know for a fact that eating half a pizza while watching a RedBox movie is guaranteed to be amazing.” This past week was definitely more in line with the latter of those moods. It all comes down to one thing: DISCIPLINE. If you look at athletes in any sport, successful business people, and big names in history like Theodore Roosevelt and Benjamin Franklin, you’ll see one thing they all have in common. Discipline. That’s a tough one for me and always has been.  I’m getting better at it in some areas, but I HAVE to get it together in other areas where it’s truly important.

So, to test my discipline for this week, I’m going to set a goal to lose two pounds by Sunday, July 15. That’s one week to stay disciplined with exercise and diet. And don’t worry, I’m going to be smart about this. I’m not going to starve myself and destroy the elliptical at the gym like D.J. Tanner. I plan to accomplish this through doing some form of exercise every day, staying hydrated by drinking lots of water, and making smart eating choices. Maybe two pounds doesn’t seem like a lot for some people, but for the average person, that’s a big accomplishment.

If you follow me on social media or know me personally, PLEASE feel free to hold me accountable. I need it!! Also, if you’d like to join me with your own goal, let me know, either in the comments section or through social media. Community is a big factor in sticking to goals. The more people you have on your side, the better chance you have of achieving that goal.

Here’s to another week; another chance to start fresh, crush goals, and, most importantly, have fun in the process!

– Seth

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