First Things First

Ok, first things first. If you’re a blog connoisseur, I’ll go ahead and warn you that this will not be the best blog you’ve ever read in your life. This is my first blog, and I’m learning as I go.

Now that we’ve got that disclaimer out of the way, I want you to know why I started this blog in the first place and what type of content you can expect to see here. When I first thought about starting a blog, it was originally going to be a way to hold me accountable with training for a big race I’m running in November (more on that in the next post). However, as I thought about it more, I realized I wanted it to be more that just a way for people to keep up with me and my journey to this race. I want to inspire people and show them that you don’t have to be a professional runner that runs crazy distances every week and lives off of lettuce and hummus in order to enjoy running. As for content to expect, this blog will mainly be about running, but I will have some posts here and there on other things in life. Don’t worry, I’m not going to be an “over-sharer” about every detail of my life, but I do want to be honest and transparent with you. For example, if I’ve had a bad week with nutrition, I’m going to be open about it. If I only ran one day a certain week, you’ll know. So, now that you know what to expect from me, I’m excited to get this started and see where it goes!


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